Dr Bob Gordon

Dr. Bob Gordon is a clinical psychologist, lawyer and expert on ways to end family violence. The results of his studies are presented to courts and members of the bar who have family law cases with violence issues. He uses the latest concepts and innovation in his procedure.

In various family law cases, he has served as an evaluator or therapist for victims or as a rehabilitation specialist for offenders. Dr. Bob also counsels witnesses of violence to avoid the deleterious effects of their observations in their future lives.

A member of the senior lawyer division of the American Bar Association, he has served on the ABA Commission on Family Violence. Along with Kelley Leach, MS, he coauthored the widely read eBook, Emotional Abuse: The Invisible Family Violence.

Dr. Bob served as president of the Texas Psychological Texas Association and as chair of the Texas State Board Examiners of Psychologist. He is a board certified in both of his specialties of Clinical & Forensic Psychology. He received the Distinguished Psychologist Award for combing an understanding of psychological and legal aspects of family law cases in the best interest of children and families. Dr. Bob is also a Martindale A/V rated lawyer.

He has been interviewed about important cases involving family violence and other compelling issues on CNN, Fox News, CBS and Sky TV in Europe. His understanding of the role of the brain in defending against violent impulses and in helping parents to make healthy decisions grew out of his training as a visiting fellow at the Martinos Center at Harvard. Dr. Bob sponsors the widely followed Linkedin interest group End Family Violence.