Speaking up about animal abuse plays an essential role in the fight against the mistreatment of animals.

Animal abuse thrives when people are ignorant and uninformed.

Many people who mistreat animals often do so because they believe that the public is unaware of their behavior or do not care about how animals are treated.

Time and time again, animal advocates’ exposure of animal cruelty makes a difference for animals. (( Tweet This ))

• The documentary Blackfish, which caused the profits of SeaWorld to plummet after the public became aware of the entertainment parks’ mistreatment of orcas.

• A petition on Change.org recently convinced the online store Piperlime to stop selling fur.

Ready To Help Spread the Word Against Animal Abuse?

how to write anti animal abuse letters to the editorYou don’t need to be a celebrity or run a famous blog to speak out on behalf of animals.

Writing a letter to the editor of your newspaper or a guest post on a popular animal-related blog is an easy way for anyone to make a positive impact for the cause.

Your letter won’t just get the word out to the newspaper’s subscribers; writing a letter will also show newspaper editors that the public cares about animal abuse and even may encourage the media to devote more attention to animal-related causes.

Politicians read “letters to the editor” section to see what issues matter to the voters. Your letter could help change laws for animals.

A guest post on a blog can also have a large impact; many popular animal-related blogs reach a large audience every day, and because your post will be online, it will be easy for readers to link to and tweet about.

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