The tragic case of Puppy Doe, the dog who was found malnourished and tortured near a playground in Quincy, Massachusetts, last year, has made a difference for animals in Massachusetts.

In the wake of worldwide outrage following the case, Massachusetts has enacted a new law that creates stronger penalties against animal cruelty and imposes a duty on veterinarians to report possible cases of animal cruelty to government authorities.

Widespread Response to Torture of Puppy Doe Drives Support for Penalties Against Animal Abuse

Puppy Doe was a female young adult Pit Bull who was found starving and badly injured in a playground in Quincy, Massachusetts in August 2013.

puppy doeAccording to The Animal Rescue League of Boston, the dog’s injuries indicated that she had suffered from extended starvation and beatings.

The abuse was so severe that the veterinarians could not heal the dog, and they were forced to euthanize her.

Puppy Doe’s case gained international attention after The Animal Rescue League of Boston, and the Quincy Police Department asked for the public’s assistance in locating the person who had abused the dog.

The request was successful; ultimately, a tip led to the arrest of Radoslaw Czerkawski, a Polish man who had been living near where Puppy Doe had been found injured and barely alive.

In addition to tips from the public, Puppy Doe’s case prompted an outpouring of international support from people who were moved by the horrific abuse that the dog had endured.

People held a vigil for the dog, donated thousands of dollars to help catch the person who had mistreated her and formed Facebook groups in her support.

The case drew the attention of Massachusetts’s lawmakers as well as the public.

Bruce Ayers, the Massachusetts State Representative who filed the bill that strengthened Massachusetts’s animal cruelty laws, said at a vigil for Puppy Doe, “The fact of the matter is that the current laws in Massachusetts are not tough enough to protect our animals.”

New Law Creates Stronger Penalties for Animal Cruelty, Imposes a Duty to R