You may have thought that the pet store owners would know how to properly meet the needs of their animals, and would ensure this was done correctly so as to educate and inform the customers buying pets each day.

Sadly, however, this is not often the case.

In fact, some pet stores seem to think of their animals as little more than stock. In many cases, making a profit takes priority over animal welfare.

What Counts As Animal Cruelty?

Animal cruelty is, at a very basic level, failing to meet the needs of an animal.

There are many different ways that a pet store owner could be guilty of animal cruelty, for example:

  • by failing to provide veterinary care for the animals — sick animals should not be on display in a pet store, especially if they are suffering from a contagious illness
  • by failing to meet the societal needs for the animals — keeping social animals, such as rabbits, alone
  • by failing to meet the environmental needs for the animals — puppies should not be kept in small cages in pet stores because this does not allow the puppies room to exhibit natural behaviors
  • by failing to meet the emotional needs of the animals — by selling very young animals who should still be with their mothers, the pet store owner is neglecting the emotional needs of both the babies and their mother
  • by failing to meet the behavioral needs of the animals — caged birds require at least some form of entertainment to tackle boredom, a bare cage could be considered cruel
  • by failing to meet the dietary needs of the animals — it is important for good health that animals are fed the correct food for their species, and this means exotic animals such as monkeys should not be eating junk food

What To Do If You Witness Animal Cruelty In A Pet Store

pet stores animal crueltyStumbling across animal cruelty is upsetting, and you may find yourself simply wanting to save the animal in front of you.

It’s important to remember, however, that doing that will save just one animal.

Document and report animal cruelty. You will save m