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Ami E. Gordon is an Attorney & the founder of Promote Animal Welfare Education, the first online course to re-educate animal cruelty offenders. She's passionate about animals and protecting them. Ami is mom to Daisy, an adorable Yorkie.

What To Do When You Find Pet Stores Who Commit Animal Cruelty

You may have thought that the pet store owners would know how to properly meet the needs of their animals, and would ensure this was done correctly so as to educate and inform the customers buying pets each day. Sadly, however, this is not often the case. In fact, some pet stores seem to think [...]

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The Link Between Domestic Abuse and Animal Abuse

It seems that not a day goes by without the media reporting on yet more cases of animal cruelty. Cruelty towards animals includes, but is not limited to, neglect, willful neglect, beating or torturing an animal, and killing an animal. Unintentional Neglect and Intentional Cruelty Some cruelty is unintentional neglect, for example, failing to provide [...]

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16 Horses Starved to Death in Case of Animal Cruelty

A recent article in The Horse posted that Horace White, an Alabama man, was arrested and charged with 32 counts of animal cruelty: "Authorities removed 16 horses from his Lauderdale County property, where another 16 horses were discovered dead. Sixteen horses were found dead. Fourteen live horses were found, but 2 were so malnourished they [...]

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