Animal Cruelty

Good News for Animals in Massachusetts: State Creates Stronger Animal Cruelty Laws

The tragic case of Puppy Doe, the dog who was found malnourished and tortured near a playground in Quincy, Massachusetts, last year, has made a difference for animals in Massachusetts. In the wake of worldwide outrage following the case, Massachusetts has enacted a new law that creates stronger penalties against animal cruelty and imposes a [...]

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16 Horses Starved to Death in Case of Animal Cruelty

A recent article in The Horse posted that Horace White, an Alabama man, was arrested and charged with 32 counts of animal cruelty: "Authorities removed 16 horses from his Lauderdale County property, where another 16 horses were discovered dead. Sixteen horses were found dead. Fourteen live horses were found, but 2 were so malnourished they [...]

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