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6 Steps to Spot and Report Animal Abuse [Infographic]

Do you own a dog or cat? Then you know firsthand of the love between you. They become a member of your family. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that animal abuse is inflicted mostly on cats and dogs. The majority of this abuse is in some type of neglect by the owners who do not [...]

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Animal Cruelty Laws – How To Ask Prosecutors To Act On Them

To get law enforcement officials to treat animal abuse seriously is an important part of the fight to enact animal cruelty laws. There’s reason to be optimistic about animals’ legal status -- many states (like Massachusetts) have recently enacted laws that create stronger penalties against animal abuse, and some states have even created laws that [...]

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What To Do When You Find Pet Stores Who Commit Animal Cruelty

You may have thought that the pet store owners would know how to properly meet the needs of their animals, and would ensure this was done correctly so as to educate and inform the customers buying pets each day. Sadly, however, this is not often the case. In fact, some pet stores seem to think [...]

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Join the Fight Against Animal Abuse By Writing a Letter or Blog Post

Speaking up about animal abuse plays an essential role in the fight against the mistreatment of animals. Animal abuse thrives when people are ignorant and uninformed. Many people who mistreat animals often do so because they believe that the public is unaware of their behavior or do not care about how animals are treated. Time [...]

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Will There Ever Be Sunshine For Greyhounds?

It's illegal in 39 states. It's cruel. It's animal abuse. So why are people still doing it? Greyhound racing. It may not sound particularly sinister at first glance, a group of dogs running and humans watching to see who's the fastest. That's probably what many Floridians were thinking when lawmakers first legalized gambling on the [...]

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Good News for Animals in Massachusetts: State Creates Stronger Animal Cruelty Laws

The tragic case of Puppy Doe, the dog who was found malnourished and tortured near a playground in Quincy, Massachusetts, last year, has made a difference for animals in Massachusetts. In the wake of worldwide outrage following the case, Massachusetts has enacted a new law that creates stronger penalties against animal cruelty and imposes a [...]

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