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Animal Cruelty Laws – How To Ask Prosecutors To Act On Them

To get law enforcement officials to treat animal abuse seriously is an important part of the fight to enact animal cruelty laws. There’s reason to be optimistic about animals’ legal status -- many states (like Massachusetts) have recently enacted laws that create stronger penalties against animal abuse, and some states have even created laws that [...]

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Good News for Animals in Massachusetts: State Creates Stronger Animal Cruelty Laws

The tragic case of Puppy Doe, the dog who was found malnourished and tortured near a playground in Quincy, Massachusetts, last year, has made a difference for animals in Massachusetts. In the wake of worldwide outrage following the case, Massachusetts has enacted a new law that creates stronger penalties against animal cruelty and imposes a [...]

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Big Breakthrough – FBI Now Tracks Animal Cruelty Crimes

Animal cruelty and abuse crimes will now be tracked in Federal Bureau of Investigation reports about crime in the United States. The FBI's director, James Comey, announced the changes that will be made in regards to how those offenses will be handled by the Uniform Crime Report Program. Animal cruelty data, for many years, was [...]

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A Giant Leap Forward to Combat Animal Cruelty

There is an exciting new resource to fight animal cruelty. Recently, the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF)  partnered with the National Sheriff's Association to launch the National Law Enforcement Center on Animal Abuse (NLECAA). The NLECAA is a nationwide clearinghouse and database for animal law enforcement. It's a hub for those who need help with [...]

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